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Visual Artist

Cristina Deutsch is a visual artist that uses photography, video, Super 8 and text to create what she calls glimpses of a narrative. Her imagination revolves around cinematic features and it is very influenced by movies.


She is not limited to a particular style though there is a constant element of theatrical (and scenographic) composition in the work. Surreal black and white, nostalgic sepia or colorful kitschy fairytales, all is permitted in the artist’s realm of storytelling. It all depends on which memories or feelings and time recolections will trigger her inexhaustible inspiration. But then again, there is no specific sense of spatiality in Deutsch’s work. The images just flow between a time of past, present or future. They are timeless scenes from “ a short movie of one’s life”.

Cristina has lived, studied and worked in Rio, Paris, London and Brussels. Her work has been exhibited in art galleries in Europe and in two major museums in Brazil. She is part of a permanent collection of the Museum of Modern art of Sao Paulo (MASP). Her works are also in private art collections in Belgium and Rio. Currently working as an independent art curator and consultant she resides in New Jersey, USA.



Current Works

Fine art project coming soon!

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Former exhibitions of Cristina Deutsch are available for your gallery or exhibit hall.  Works are also for sale.  

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2013   The Story of the Creative, Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York and at See | Me Exhibition Space in Long Island City.

2007   ARS 117 – Artist-run space, Brussels, Belgium


2006   Temporary Art Center, Brazil Art Lounge,               Eindhoven, Holland


2004   Bruxelles, Cote Canal   Project bIVA (Brazilian Institute of Visual Arts), Belgium


2003   MASP Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo, Brazil – 12th Pirelli-MASP Collection Exhibition

2002   Genealogy of Space, Performance Installation, Santa Teresa Arts Space, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2002   In Focus Gallery, ART LAB, Brussels, Belgium


2002   Espace Cultural CREA-RJ Product of Circumstances (Produto das Circunstâncias)  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


2001   UFMG Cultural Center, “Sorry, Lord Unwin is not home”, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


2001   Museum of Modern Art, 1st Rio Contemporary Art Exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2000   69 or 70 (video installation)Window Gallery, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK